Five Facts Friday

Five Facts Friday (Vol. 1)

1. I have seven tattoos, four of which were done by one artist (Melissa Kirbyson).

Most of them are a little bit nerdy and I tend to favour bright colours when it comes to ink. Two of them involve Harley Quinn, because she’s my all time favourite fictional character, and two others involve food. I have plans for at least three more, once I’ve figured out what the crap is going on with my skin (my money is on it being adverse to the dry ass weather here in Ol’berta).

2. I used to be really into buttons (pin-buttons, not fastening-buttons, though I do have big bag of those at home).

I have a bunch of buttons of varying sizes that I’ve collected at Emerald City Comicon and the Calgary Expo, which I used to pin to my work cardigans (and I have a ton of work cardigans), but I stopped wearing them after I kept forgetting to take them off before I washed the sweaters. Many a button was ruined that way, including my personal favourite: “Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”

3. I have a very basic understanding of HTML(5).

Most of it comes from the kick ass w3schools tutorials. I was never really interested in it until I started blogging (and a microblogging program which shall remain nameless kept changing their effing text editor, lousy jerks), but now that I’ve started, it’s actually really interesting. However, like I said, my understanding is really basic at the moment (and mostly limited to creating paragraphs, formatting text, inserting links, and adding images), but I’m learning. I love to learn new things and HTML falls completely outside of my usual comfort zone of ‘Things to Learn’. (As a bonus, I’m also fiddling with CSS. Thanks, Hubs!)

4. I am a two time podcast guest.

John Wilson of Wasting Your Time w/ John Wilson was kind enough to let me and Roberto Duque bring our nerdtastic shenanigans to his show twice. (Three times if you count the minisode we did for Soundcloud…) Pretty sure it goes up on the list of raddest things I’ve ever done.

5. I’m originally from Campbell River, British Columbia, and I’m always weirded out when people respond to that with “Oh, I know Campbell River!”

Because, really, when I was growing up, Campbell River felt like a really small, out of the way place (even though it’s not that small). So small, in fact, that I took to telling people that I was from Vancouver Island instead, because I figured at least then, people would know where it was. (Bonus fact: The Riv is not only famous for its salmon fishing, but also for being the origination point of #462legacy and #neilsweatherreport.)

One thought on “Five Facts Friday (Vol. 1)

  1. Thanks for commenting on my macaron post! I actually do know someone from Campbell River. A girl I went to uni with in Vancouver, I think she just moved back there. Anyway I look forward to reading your future posts!


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