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Once upon a time…

…there lived a girl.

Not a wholly unremarkable girl or a girl with a great destiny; simply a girl.

However, simple things are not-so-simple once you take a closer look at them.  The girl was no different.

She liked hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallows, soft warm cats to curl against her side, the crash of waves, and the scent of old books.  Her favourite shirts were old and soft and she preferred pyjamas that were homemade.  The girl had never met a cupcake she didn’t like and enjoyed singing at the top of her lungs whenever the chance arose.

Most important of all, the girl could create magic with a pen in her hand.

Whole worlds would spew forth when the girl swept her trusty pen across a page.  Living beings, with beautiful beating hearts, came to dwell within the ruled lines her pen touched.  She could make myth and marvels with one hand.   Create danger and desire with a thought.

In those moments, with her fingers wrapped around her pen, the girl became more than a simply a girl: she became a Writer.

Welcome to the story.

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