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My original intention was to only post works of fiction, which is why there aren’t really any posts.  (For the record, it’s not ‘writer’s block’.  Just sheer terror at opening myself up to criticism…)

This isn’t fiction and it’s not even really for consumption by an audience.  It’s just for me, to keep track of my 4×4 journey this month.

My primary goal for this 4×4 challenge (4 classes a week for 4 weeks at Illume Hot Yoga) is to complete more classes than I did during the February 4×4 challenge.  I’m going to have to check about that number, but I think it was 21 or 22.  Ideally, I’d like to hit 24 classes this month.  It would be a new personal best for me.

I have two secondary goals, which are:

  • focus on being completely present for each yoga or Surfset class; and
  • put greater emphasis on nutrition.

In February, I was often distracted by other aspects of my life when I was attending classes.  I wasn’t as present as I could have been and I disappointed myself in that regard.  As far as nutrition goes, Hubs and I did our best, but we were often out late for evening classes and made quite a few meal decisions while hungry. (While chicken Cobb salads are delicious and protein packed, store-bought salads brimming with iceberg lettuce don’t necessarily meet the nutritional or caloric needs of two people who’ve done three to five hot yoga classes in a week… or in Hubs’ case… seven.)  I’m clumping “staying hydrated” in as part of putting an emphasis on nutrition, because it’s something I struggle with.  I drink at least two coffees or a coffee and a tea to get through the day, which is rarely beneficial to me on the days when I book in for hot yoga. (Or, you know, ever, really…)

So, Sunday was Day 01/31 and I doubled up with Hot Gentle Flow in the morning and Warm Yin in the afternoon.  Originally, I’d only booked in for Hot Gentle Flow, but the Hubs was going back for Warm Yin and I decided to tag along, mostly to knock out 2/4 classes for the week since we’re headed down to the States for a few days on Saturday.

I really enjoyed Hot Gentle Flow.  While I enjoy the SurfSet Flow class that’s offered, regular Flow in the hot room is still a bit too much for me.  Hot Gentle Flow was far more manageable for my experience level and I found that I was able to be a lot more chill about my limits and more forgiving toward myself than I’ve ever been in Flow.  (There’s something about Flow that just makes me crazy competitive with myself and I get into this negative head space where taking breaks and lying out when I need to transforms into an unacceptable failure…)  It felt really good to participate through an entire Flow class.

Warm Yin was a bit of a different story.  It’s a hit or miss class for me.  I prefer my Yin classes quiet, without too much input from the teacher, other than what’s required to correct postures.  It’s much easier for me to relax into the poses, even the challenging ones, for 2 to 6 minutes when I can put my complete focus on the pose instead of having it divided between what I’m doing and the teacher’s voice.  I felt extremely restless for three-quarters of the class because I found it difficult to focus on my breath and the signals my body was giving me while the instructor was speaking.  Once things got quieter (and I asked for an alternative to the toe-squat, which is absolutely agonizing for me and my very tight feet), I had an easier time stilling my body.  (That’s not to say I didn’t still have a bad case of the fidgets, but it became less bad without the extra auditory stimulation.)

Yesterday was Day 02/31.  Hubs and I sort of fell right into our pattern from the February 4×4 challenge of rushing home, changing, and immediately leaving for class.  The frantic shift of gears isn’t my favourite way to begin, but we committed to attending class and we were determined to get there on-time(ish).  We chose Hot Fusion, which is also a good mix of the traditional 26 and Flow.  It’s not usually a class that I find to be extremely challenging, but last night’s was tougher than normal.  I spent almost the entire standing series lying out, because my body went “Nope, lady, not today”.  While I did manage to get up for some of the Warrior poses (because I’m stubborn and decided I would), most of my energy was directed at making my floor series as strong as it could be.  The teacher was kind enough to chat with me after class to try to trouble shoot what issues I had with the standing series, but it came down to me having exhausted my body by four classes in three days (I took a Hot, Happy Hips on Saturday morning).

I jumped in with both feet and, while ambition is good, I think I might have been overly ambitious this first week.  I’m taking tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday night off for various reasons and I think my body will be thankful for it when I round out my 4 with Warm Yin on Friday.


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