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This week has been really challenging.  I’m not going to get into the ‘why’ of it all, but my energy level has been so low after work for the past couple days that I haven’t wanted to do much more than eat dinner, surf the web, and go to sleep.

Thankfully, I made concessions for the things I knew I would have to take care of mid-week, so I was in a better place to cope with the unexpected that was thrown at me.  I abstained from classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, so after three days off, I was definitely ready to hit Warm Yin tonight to make class 4/4 for this week.

In all honesty, it wasn’t my best class.  I’ve been pretty negligent about hydration for the past few days (especially today, where I was essentially fuelled by orange juice, coffee, and sheer force of will), so I found it difficult to centre/focus/be present.  Hot yoga with a mouth that’s dry as dust?  Not my ideal.  I kept breaking for water because I felt like I was going to dry up like one of the husk-people in The Mummy.  I also couldn’t stop fidgeting and got a wicked case of the hangries about halfway through.

I’m headed down to the States this weekend, so I’m taking another break from the 4×4 challenge until Wednesday, but I am bringing a spare mat and sneakers with me so that I can keep on top of things/have the opportunity to take some ‘me time’ while I’m gone.

(I also might give the Rock Clock a try, to see if the most motivated person on my Insta feed can motivate me…)

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