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Needless to say, between my trip to San Diego and everything I’m juggling at the moment, blogging about the 4×4 Challenge sort of… fell by the wayside.

I’ve still been attending classes and have made my 4 every week this month, so far, but I haven’t made writing about it a priority.  This week is going to be a hard one, because I have other commitments that I want to devote my time to, but I intend to persevere and ‘get ‘er done’, as they say.

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve learned about myself and my practice since 06/31:

  1. Yoga mats and running shoes take up valuable suitcase space that could be better served fitting something else.  I admire people who are dedicated enough to lace up their sneaks or hit the mat while on vacation, but, aside from my trip to Seattle last year where I tried a few classes at Urban Yoga Spa, I’m not necessarily one of them.  Touring Old Town on foot and hiking up and down from our room at the Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel Old Town was enough exercise for me.  However, I did show a friend a few poses in the sand during our trip to Pacific Beach.  That totally counts, right?
  2. Exercise is the best way to combat post-trip grogginess.  I felt awful and out of shape the entire way through the work out, but I’m so glad that I hit that SURFSET Balance class the day I got home.
  3. Ambition is great, but maybe don’t double up the day after getting home from vacation.  One class in a day is enough.
  4. I actually kind of like taking a class or working out first thing in the morning?  I mean, it threw off my eating schedule for the day and made the day feel a little longer, but it was so awesome to go home after work and to make dinner without having to worry about rushing off to do a class.
  5. Boxing came up in a SURFSET Blend class and I realized how much I missed it.  I might take a page out of the instructor’s book and do some combination work while holding light weights or wearing my weighted gloves.
  6. Yoga is a practice.  You might have a really good class one day and then a class where you really struggle the next.  It’s so dependant upon how you feel that day, how you slept, how hydrated you are, et cetera.  It doesn’t help you to go in expecting to be a superhero/amazing yoga every class.  Accept that your practice will change from the day-to-day and learn from what does and doesn’t work for you on a class by class basis.
  7. I love to dance and I love that yoga and SURFSET have improved my strength and endurance so that I can move in ways I didn’t feel as confident about before.

So, that’s the update.  Wish me luck on this last week of the 4×4 Challenge.  It’s going to be something else!


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