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There are five days left in the 4×4 Challenge and I’ve come to a place where I can admit that I’m not going to be able to meet some of the goals that I set for myself.  My attendance is not going to be near the 24, or even the 22 classes that I wanted to attend, and it’s unlikely that I’m going to meet the 4 classes per week required to complete the challenge.

I was sick yesterday and cancelled on a class this morning.  Tomorrow’s class is currently up in the air because I’m performing tomorrow night and I’m not sure what my energy level will end up being like if I go.  I would rather not have to power through a show day on a bucket of coffee…

I’ve done pretty well so far with being ‘present’ in each class I’ve taken.  The Hot Happy Hips class that I took on Tuesday was an exception, because I wasn’t able to shift my focus to ‘ah, yes, mat time’ from ‘oh no, I’m losing rehearsal time’.  I’m pleased with my progress in that regard.

As for nutrition, I’ve learned some interesting things about myself this month.  While I have kept myself mostly on track in terms of following the meal plans that Hubs and I have agreed upon, I’m still very prone to overindulging on sugar and using it, and coffee, to get a quick burst of energy.  I tend to justify the resulting crashes as acceptable because I’ve generally completed whatever I used the sugar to get energy to do.  Of course, then I don’t have any energy left for anything else…

I’m still really struggling with hydration, because I’m not sticking to my own promise to myself to make it a priority.  It makes such a huge difference in my ability to function as a non-zombified human being, but I still find myself reaching for coffee or tea when I get thirsty.  (With the exception of yesterday, when I was reaching for gingerale and OJ.)

While I know, at this point, there’s no realistic way for me to complete the 4×4 Challenge with the other events and commitments that I’m going to be juggling for the next five days, I am proud of myself for choosing to participate and I’m grateful for the things that I’ve learned about myself and my practice this month.  It puts me in a really knowledgeable position for goal-setting and is an excellent reminder that as much as ‘failure’ terrifies me, it provides ample room for learning and growth.


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