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Oh, boy.

Remember how I said the class I was signed up for on Saturday (28/31) was up in the air?  Well, I got an awesome sleep on Friday night after staying up way too late rehearsing for my show… and promptly realized that I had slept right through the SURFSET class I was registered for.  I had meant to cancel, so that someone on the waitlist could take my spot, but in the flurry of activity on Friday night, I completely forgot.  I felt so awful when I realized what had happened and, honestly, I’m still a little embarrassed about it.  While I know that sometimes things happen and people forget, I also know Illume’s cancellation policy and I feel like a jerk when I don’t comply with it.

Though it hasn’t got anything to do with the 4×4 Challenge, having a show on Saturday did get me on my mat at home.  I get really awful pre-perfomance jitters and have never had a show before which I wasn’t battling horrible stage fright.  Even with all the prep I’d done, I started to get the usual upset-stomach/racing thoughts combination early on Saturday.  Hubs suggested that I at least try to do some yoga or meditate, to see if that would help, because ginger ale (my usual go-to) would only make my stomach more upset.

I decided on yoga, because sitting still isn’t really an option when my thoughts are so active, and I probably shouldn’t be surprised it helped to calm my nerves and to return my ability to focus, but it did.  It also had the added bonus of warming up my muscles and opening my joints for both my quick rehearsal and my performance.  I’m definitely going to keep it in my back pocket as a way to combat my nerves going forward!

Today is the second to last day of the 4×4 Challenge and, even though I know I’m not going to complete it, I’ve booked in for a class tonight.  For the past little while, I’ve been taking Hot Fusion on Monday nights, but I decided to mix it up with a SURFSET Flow class instead.  I think I’ve only been to one Hot Flow class since I started going to Illume in December of 2015, but I really like the SURFSET version.  Flow is a little too intense for me in a hot room…

I’ve booked in for a class tomorrow too, because I’m loving Illume’s Hot Happy Hips class, but I don’t have any intention of letting my attendance dwindle once the Challenge ends.  Illume’s got a great deal on for an unlimited Summer Yoga/SURFSET pass right now and I’m planning on taking advantage of it, because I really love how strong and healthy I’m starting to feel.  I want to keep moving forward and jumping on the opportunity to take as many classes as I’d like can only be a step in the right direction.


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