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Fandom Friday #003

I had some personal/writing/life stuff to work out, but I’m back with another edition of #FANDOMFRIDAY!

To ketchup, here’s my five fave nerdy things from the past few weeks, in no particular order:

1)  Viva La Nerdolution

I’m having a blast writing for Nerd HQ.  I’ve contributed to other websites before (and enjoyed it), but writing about topics that I feel passionate about is a whole different animal.

My latest Expanse recap (of Ep. 2×06 “The Seventh Man”) hasn’t gone live yet, but you can find the rest of my body of work here.  (My recap of this week’s episode is in progress in my Google Drive as we speak…

2)  The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

Expo season is once again upon us.  I haven’t bought my tickets yet, though I really should before they sell out…  While I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm for standing in line to get autographs (I’m not sure any experiences can compare to getting a birthday hug from Sam Witwer or listening to Hubs chat animatedly with Casper Van Dien while I couldn’t really speak for the awe of how friendly, kind, and genuine he was) this year’s media guest list is pretty darn stellar.

Ruth Connell, Supernatural’s Rowena, is someone I’d definitely like to see, especially outside of a Supernatural convention.  No disrespect meant to Creation Entertainment, because their cons are stand out in terms of actor/fan interaction (Supernatural in particular, because we’re all part of the #SPNFamily), but I, personally, prefer to have more options at a con, which the Expo would provide.  (Plus, Ruth Connell voices Merida in a lot of Disney media and I’ve got a big ol’ soft spot for that darling, ginger princess.)

Also… they have Doctor Who.

(Full Media Guess List)


I got chills.  I cried.  I immediately signed up to go to an exclusive screening.

DC can take all my money in June, because I’m going to see Wonder Woman at least three times.

(Seriously, I gross sobbed afterward and had to re-watch the trailer right away because of the tears STREAMING down my face.)

4)  Coco Trailer

While I do love a Disney/Pixar collaboration, the trailer for their November 2017 feature “Coco” reminds me a whole lot of Fox Family’s 2014 feature “The Book of Life“…

(Pixar’s really outdone themselves with the animation this time, particularly on the extremely realistic flicker of the candle flames in this trailer.)

5)  Disney Park’s Sneak Peek at Star Wars Land

I feel like I’m leaning heavy on my #DisneySide today, but I’m so excited about this video that I don’t care.  (I’m a DisNerd with the pin collection to prove it and a Disney sleepover planned with a friend tonight.)

It doesn’t show much, just the frames of some AT-ATs overlayed with a digital mock-up of what they’re going to look like in 2019, but it’s pretty exciting to see that construction of the Star Wars Lands at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World are well under way.

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