fiction · Serial Fiction · The Diarist

The Diarist (Prologue)

Excerpt from the journal of Bess Monroe:

If I do not leave this house, I fear I shall go mad.

It began again last night, shortly after three.  Ungodly clangs and rattles pulled me from what would have been my first proper night’s sleep in weeks.  Even pressing a pillow tight to my ears could not keep out the sound of the whispers.

The sounds lasted for an hour.  No, more than an hour.  The racket did not cease until the first rays of morning light spilled through the window.

I had thought it would end, when Marion sent Anne away.  I’d prayed it would, but it hasn’t.  Anne was as innocent as she proclaimed herself to be and she’s been ruined without cause.  I regret my part in that.

The shadows under my eyes are dark as bruises and I don’t remember what it was like to face a day without fatigue.

It won’t let me rest.

Why won’t it let me rest?

© Aliesha (Ally) Stuart, May 30, 2017

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