Fandom Friday


Knowing that I was going to see Wonder Woman early (last night), I had planned out this whole Wonder Woman themed Fandom Friday post, recommending books about Wonder Woman and talking about the movie that’s coming out about William Moulton Martson (Wonder Woman’s creator), but, honestly, after seeing Wonder Woman myself, I have only one thing to say:

Go see it in theatres.

Just go.

Go as many times as you want/can.

It’s wonderful and awing and beautiful and so well made.  It’s the kind of film that will quite obviously stand the test of time.  The phrase “instant classic” seems trite and small, but Wonder Woman is an instant classic.  It’s been made in a way that makes it seem as timeless as Diana herself.

Patty Jenkins, the cast, the creative team, and everyone involved in this movie has made something so very special that the only way to truly appreciate it is to see it for yourself.

So go.

See it in the theatres.  More than once.  Reserve an early copy on home media.

I hope you love it the way I already do.


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