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New Baconings

Hubs and I have decided to take our nerdity up a notch (or twelve) and embark on a new endeavour – cooking our way through The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book by Loren Bouchard and the writers of Bob’s Burgers.

Erhm pardon my chipped nail polish…

We love the show (especially the burger of the day board) and all of these look pretty tasty.

The ‘New-Baconings’ burger seemed a pretty fitting jumping off point, so we picked up the ingredients and gave it a go:

My favorite part of this cookbook so far is the assembly diagrams.

Now, we did deviate from the recipe some, because we prefer smash-burgers (see below),  and swapped out the bacon-fries suggested for fries cooked in our T-fal, but otherwise we kept the burger itself pretty spot on.

Meat.  That’s it.  Just meat.  No eggs or breadcrumbs or fancy business.
Smash-burgers in action, cooked in cast iron for extra tastiness.

When getting our accoutrements together, we even went so far as to source out some lactose free, medium cheddar (because neither of us can digest lactose, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from enjoying one of Bob’s finest cheeseburgers).

Red onions are my favourite kind.  Is it weird to have a favourite kind of onions?
Yum-mater slices and the aforementioned lactose-free cheese.

I have to say, the burgers turned out pretty well.  The instructions (and assembly diagram) were easy to follow and it’s tough to beat a classic like a cheeseburger.

A little open-faced action for you.
Aaaaand a final cross-section.  Mmmm, burger.

Personally, I’d have added a slice of pickle and a splotch of mustard (and did, when we finished them off the next day as ‘New Baconings, Part Deux: The Re-Baconing’… for which we also topped them with a fried egg).  The buns we chose weren’t sturdy enough either, so we’re rectifying that for our next en-dinner (endeavour + dinner = en-dinner).

New Baconings was definitely a solid entre (*ba-dum-tiss*) into the delicious world of Bob’s Burgers!

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