Confessions of a Terrible Blogger

Confession #1:  I am a terrible blogger.

Not a bad writer, but a terrible blogger.

As much as I love #FandomFriday, I get frustrated by the concept of posting to a regular schedule.  I get bored creating the same post with different content over and over.  While everything I’ve read about having a ‘successful blog’ and gaining readership says that a regular posting schedule is a must.

Confession #2: I don’t actually give any damns about having a ‘successful blog’.

I thought I did.  I bought a blog planner on Etsy and had strategy meetings at Starbucks with my Hubs, because he is a programming wizard for a living.  I was gonna ‘make it’ at blogging.

But then it got lodged in my brain as work and not a hobby, so my brain went “Yeah, posting about your burger-ventures is great, but nope.”

Confession #3:  I’m okay with it.

If I feel like writing a blog post, I will.  If I don’t, I won’t.  This is a hobby, not a job or a side-hustle.  It’s a creative outlet and a stress release from my muggle job.

It’s okay to find out stuff’s not for you.  It’s okay to let things go and to accept that trying to shove yourself in a box (e.g.: ‘successful blogger’) just isn’t you.

So, in the immortal words of Usher: “These are my confessions.”

I hope you all have a great holiday long weekend!


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