Summertime Appreciation

I know that I’ve said this before, but, when I was a kid, I never really had much appreciation or excitement about summer.  I pretty much wished it would fly by from k through about grade 10, and, while there were a few brief summers in my older teen years and early 20s, I still get a hankering for apples, new beginnings, rainy mornings, and stationary almost as soon as August approaches.

It still kind of happens, even though I’ve been out of school for seven years.

However, this year I’m trying to make a change.  Even though I work weekdays at my muggle job and ‘summer vacation’ is a bygone notion, I’ve been making a conscious effort to appreciate all the warm evenings and weekends I get to spend under a big, beautiful sky.

Each of us has a finite number of days to experience, so wishing them away the way that I did as a child (because I hated the loneliness that summer vacation brought along with it, even though library reading club was rad and my family did actually do some pretty cool stuff) now seems terribly wasteful.

Today, I appreciated how green the leaves were on the trees that lined Stephen Avenue, how brightly blue the sky seemed, and how there are still five whole days left to enjoy in July.


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