Word Vomit

Just “Millennial” Things

(Disclaimer: I know this list is frivolous and exhibits examples of my privilege.  It’s meant to be fun and cheeky, because I really do love some of the things that people give Millennials crap about all the time.)

It’s Thursday, so, here, have this list of stereotypical “millennial” things that I unironically like:

Avocado Toast

I don’t go out and ‘brunch’ or buy avocado toast in restaurant, because smashed up avocado with salt and a bit of chili powder tastes way better on Hubs’ homemade sourdough.  (True story: sometimes I buy those little single serve guacamole cups to spread on toast too…)


FINALLY, a plant that even I can’t kill.  As long as I remember to water Frida (my work plant) once a month, she won’t shrivel up and die.

Instagram (and Filters)

What can I say?  I really love having a constantly growing photo album of my life without a) having to print photos if I don’t want to, and b) having to find and build a photo album.  Plus, the filters make me feel like I’m a pretty decent photographer.

Harry Potter

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Harry Potter with complete and unabashed joy.  (See: My Harry Potter themed 30th birthday party, complete with floating candles made by my Hubs.)


Being able to wear dresses in the winter without feeling like I need to shave my legs or freezing between the car and wherever I’m going?  Yes, please.

Messy Top Buns

This is a recent thing that I’ve come to love, since I finally figured out how to do it without wrecking my hair or looking like I’m running late.  It keeps my hair out of my face and makes me feel super adorbz.

Making Stuff

I’ve always loved to bake and do crafts, so making stuff is my jam.  It feels super rad to be able to give a friend a gift I made with my own two hands.  I love making toast with the sourdough bread Hubs has taught himself to make and get a kick out of using his preserved lemons when we cook.

Shopping Local

I love, love, love knowing the people who are creating and sourcing the goods and foods that I’m buying.  I’m also a big fan of knowing that your choice to patronize local shops, businesses, and restaurants directly contributes to your local economy.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

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