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The Cyclical Nature of Style

I’ve been wondering about style lately and why certain trends come back into fashion.

The conclusion I’ve come to for me, personally, is that as adult, I’m emulating the style icons I had as a pre-teen and teenager because I now have a) the personal funds to do so and b) far fewer f*cks to give than when I was much younger and looking wistfully to my style icons, whispering “I wish I could wear something like that.”

Take today for example:  My spaghetti strap tank, cardigan, and delicate choker necklace wouldn’t look out of place on Bianca in the 1999 teen classic ’10 Things I Hate About You’.  I might have had more in common with Kat’s prickly personality, but it was Bianca’s cute, late 90s popular girl style I coveted, right down to the two piece prom dress and highlights.

Last week, I bought a pair of red plaid pants for work and rocked them in a way that was decidedly 90s Gwen Stefani inspired, right down to my two bun hairdo.  (Granted, the space buns were for Leia, because I was going to see The Last Jedi, but the compliments made mention of Gwen and I was thrilled.  Check my insta-feed in the sidebar for the look.)

I am constantly on the lookout for yellow plaid work separates, a la Cher in Clueless.  I might not pair them together or with a fuzzy backpack, sheer socks, and a yellow cardi, but I would definitely ground the look firmly in the 90s.

(You can also bet that if I found a work appropriate way to spice up my wardrobe as easily as I can Spice Up [my] Life by throwing on Spice World, I totally would.)

Hi-c-ya, hold tight!

EDIT: Super shout out to my #1 90s style icon: my cousin, Andréa, who rocked a plaid pant like nobody else, started my obsession with platforms and pixie cuts (which, I, sadly, don’t have the bone structure for), made me long to have cool platinum hair, and made a opalescent, pinkish, puffy vest work.

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