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3 ‘Interesting’ Things I’m a Fan Of (& 3 I’m Not)

Well, hello there!  As today is #FandomFriday, I wanted to share a few ‘interesting’ things I’m a fan of with you.

(And a few things I’m not.)

I am a fan of:

1) Spreadsheets

If you had asked me 10 years ago what I knew about Microsoft Excel, I would have said “It’s in Office and it adds up numbers for me,” or something along those lines.  The only time I’d ever really used it to any extent before about 2014 or so was on a couple of accounting projects in school, which weren’t exactly successful for me (though I did learn that if you transpose numbers, Excel will still do the math for you; it just won’t give you the correct answers).

Now, however, I’m a big fan.  A passionate lover of all things spreadsheet-y.  I use Excel every day at work, to keep track of a variety of information (not just for math) and to expedite any calculations I’m called upon to do.  (Nerd note: Conditional formatting is the shit, honestly, and I’d probably cry a lot more at work without the SUMIF function.)  How did I ever live without carefully ordered, sortable information?

2) Instructions

I absolutely love a detailed set of instructions.  The more detail that the instructing party can provide, the better.  I equally love being the provider of detailed instructions.  (Case in point, the memos that I left on all my files at my previous employers office were as detailed and clear as I could make them about the steps that would need to be completed after my departure and I have received compliments regarding the same.)

3) Etiquette

I may have mentioned this before, when talking about the many vintage and vintage-y things that I love a lot (china, antique furniture, old books, vintage clothing…), or I may not have, but I’m kind of an etiquette geek.

I took etiquette classes as a child, where I learned how to deal with multiple forks in a place setting (both how to set them out and how to use them—work your way in from the farthest utensils out, fyi) and how to write and best employee a thank-you note (which came in handy in more than just my pageant years).  I collect books about etiquette, though sometimes I feel like I’m one of the few people who knows and uses what they contain, and used to listen to the Post Institute podcast, though I’ve since stopped, because there are an awful lot of questions about wedding etiquette, which is a subject that’s (in my opinion) been done to death.

I am not a fan of:

1) Big Surprises

I’m all for small surprises, like what’s in a gift, unexpected flower deliveries, and surprise date night, but when it comes to big stuff, like surprise vacations longer than a weekend away or visits, I’m not always huge fan.  I definitely appreciate the thought behind those kinds of gestures, but I’m a planner by nature.  As much as I appreciate the feeling of love in those kinds of surprises, I would much rather have enough warning to book time off, put fresh sheets on the guest bed, and make sure I’ve got an incoming guests favourite drinks and snacks stocked.  (I also really like being a good hostess, which kind of falls under ‘Etiquette’).  (Note:  If my hubs is in on the surprise and handles the back stage planning like encouraging me to take a day off, making sure the sheets are ready, and handling the food-type stuff, I don’t mind surprise visits as much…)

Now, I am guilty of attempting to perpetrate big surprises on the people I love myself.  Don’t let it be said that I’m not.  I am, however, really bad at keeping secrets and usually realize that my and my husband’s lactose intolerance and food allergies are an unkind thing to spring on people.

(Note 2: I also have a very difficult time processing overwhelming emotions, such as shock, and generally end up crying or getting sick, which is embarrassing for me a lot of the time…)

2) Smoothies for Breakfast

I make a mean smoothie, but I’m really not on the smoothies for breakfast or smoothie bowl train.  I used to drink smoothies for breakfast all the time, but now, any time I put them into our meal plan as a breakfast option, I end up making something else, because I am just not into a belly full of cold early in the morning.

I’d rather have it as a snack, if I’m being honest.  Like a healthy milkshake-type treat in the afternoon.  I’m all about that.

(I don’t get smoothie bowls, truthfully.  It just seems like cold, thick soup with stuff on it to me.  Sorry!)

3) Shiplap

It’s cute and all, I guess, but it’s not to my taste, especially when it doesn’t go with the architecture of the house (eg: mid-century modern exterior, farmhouse-chic interior).

(That last one felt a little anti-climactic, but I’m just not a fan…)

Happy fan-personing, peeps! ❤

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