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Fandom Friday #013

Though I’m the most irregular blogger, I am back for another #FandomFriday.  I’ve got something a little different in mind for lucky thirteen, though…

I am very fortunate to count some amazing, creative, super rad people among my friends.  I could gush about them for ages and ages.  Probably for longer than any of them would be comfortable with, so I’ll try to be brief (otherwise it’s just going to devolve into me gross sobbing over the keyboard and repeating “I love them SO much” over and over again).  This week’s #FandomFriday is devoted to SOME of my amazing friends:

My IRL, Non-Fiction Hero

My cousin, Andrèa (aka Onge), is one of the hands down coolest, most authentic, bad-ass, intelligent women I know.  I’ve mentioned her before, when it comes to fashion, because her style has shaped mine since I took my first look at her and cognitively realized something about the way she put her clothes together was special, but she’s so much more than one of my personal style icons.  She’s chalk full of determination and perseverance (she got her Masters while raising her two kids and working full-time), wit and good humor, and she absolutely shines from the inside out.  She’s also super loving and authentic, plus cute as hell.  I love her so much, so much.  She’s honestly still the kind of woman I want to grow up to be, even though I’m 32-year-old woman who’s already grown up.

My Gorram Crew

Nadine and Jerri, my beautiful, amazing sisters from other misters share an entry, because they’re each wonderful on their own, but together are incredible and indescribable.  Their love helps keep me in the air on some of the days when I ought to fall done.  Fandom brought us together, almost exactly ten years ago, in the hallowed halls of SAIT, but we’re family now, and I’m keeping them forever.  It doesn’t matter what we do, whether we’re sitting inside of a dark movie theatre saying mostly nothing or eating scones at Nadine’s, we always have a great time (even when times are not great).

The A-Team

Amanda is a powerhouse.  I absolutely love and admire her passion (be it for marathoning, Lord of the Rings, or Guardians of the Galaxy) and eloquence.  When she’s talking about or doing something she loves, her whole face lights up and it’s just a really cool, amazing thing that I feel really grateful to be around for.  She’s sweet and thoughtful and funny and so many other great things.  I cannot even express how glad I am that Miss Anick’s burlesquercise class brought us together (I will never not think of her when I hear the official warm-up jam of ‘Nothin’ on You’ by B.oB).

Amanda (aka Whiskey Sugarbush) is unbelievably creative.  Some of the art she makes makes me want to cry, it’s so pretty, and defies my understanding, because my brain can’t put together how she brought it into existence out of nothing.  She’s also hilarious and so kind, with a great big, beautiful heart, not to mention, she happens to be the best accessorizer I know and down for car-karaoke on long-ass road trips, cartwheels on the beach, and all the tacos.  And the ovaries on this, woman, I swear (once she rescued me from a giant rat)!  She’s so brave and inspires me to be brave too, because I admire the way she speaks her mind and goes after the things she wants.

Alyssa is so kind and possesses a dry wit that never fails to shock and delight.  She’s also super creative, skilled, makes great art and has awesome taste in movies (I feel like I’ve said this before, somewhere?  I’ll say it again though).  Her ingenuity is astounding (when she needed to find gentle bath and beauty products for sensitive skin, she started making them, and they’re seriously so awesome) and she’s just all-round rad, okay?

You Found Me!

Do you remember when the Internet first started being a thing and parents were like “Don’t talk to the people you find there, they might be weirdos”?  Yeah, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to that advice.  If I had, I wouldn’t have Steph in my life.  She’s super intelligent and verbose, with interesting opinions and even more interesting stories.  I’m so grateful to have her as a writing partner, pin-pal, and friend, and count our fiction, fangirling sessions, and random conversations as one of the very best parts of my day/week.  If only Skype would stop trying to block our friendship…

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Oh, Lyx, my Drift Compatible otter friend.  I said I’d keep this brief, but it’ll be hard, because I would pilot a Jaeger and drop into the slobbery, Kaiju-blue jaws of death with Lyx.  Yet another reason I didn’t listen to the advice about people from the Internet, Lyx is funny and smart and sweet and puts up with the most random messages about bananas things on all socials, even the ones that are just exclamation points expressing how some such person is so pretty that I want to claw off my own face.  I love her to pieces (yeah, we’re coming to the part I warned you about, where I’d just start crying all over myself about how friggin’ cool the people I know are).  One day, we’re gonna get matching tattoos to go with our coordinating pin-sets, because my love for Lyx is deep and abiding.

In addition to being one of the very best writers I have ever read, Lex is a delightful, funny, awesome Disney and Marvel loving human being.  Once, in Vegas, I got to hug her IRL and it was one of the best things ever, because she’s great.  Some of the words she puts together make me want to cry, because they’re beautiful, like her cool-ass Disneybounds and brilliant smile.  (Yes, I do creep her Insta, what of it?  Is it really even creeping if you’re mutuals and friends?)  I honestly believe that Lex makes the world a brighter place just by being in it and I’m luckier than Domino to get to call her my friend.

First Name: Agent

Let’s get something shallow out of the way right now: I’m 95% certain Nicki has magic hair.  It does this swooshy thing that’s straight up Disney princess.  Aside from that, she’s dedicated (to lots of things, including, but not limited to: work, making the most of non-work time, and appreciating all things Peggy Carter), interesting, fearless (be she tackling Uber in San Diego or being super chill through a horror movie marathon), and engaged.  And, you know, she let me coax her into the gingerbread house of fandom inspired goods (thanks, Her Universe and Besame), which I love to share with people.

Ours is the Magic

Jenn (aka the Green Fairy) and Mae (Lady Maefyre, thank you) are magic.  That’s really all there is to it.  Yes, they’re skilled and brilliant and creative, but they are magic.  Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to get to make magic with them.  Jenn turns dreams and thoughts into real, tangible things and I have never met a performer do dedicated to her own growth-journey as Mae.  They’re beautiful people inside and out.  (I’m not crying.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

I lucky, I know I am.  I am so, so lucky to have the friends that I have (this is not a comprehensive list and doesn’t even include my dude friends, who will, eventually, get their own Fandom Friday) and to have met the people I have in my life.  I woke up today feeling lonely as far as friendship goes, but sharing my love for these people helps remind me that even when I’m lonely for friendship, I’m not alone.

My friends are a fandom all their own. ❤

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