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Fandom Friday #014

It’s #FandomFriday!  *throws confetti*  I’m celebrating by wearing a Deadpool themed outfit and sharing 5 things I’m fangirling about this week:

1. Unicorn Empire

I will always regret not buying one of Unicorn Empire’s ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ shirts the time I saw it at Emerald City ComicCon.  Always.  However, my Kaiju shirt totally absorbs all my tears of regret and looks great.

2. Horace & Jasper

If you want a kick-ass wallet, belt, coin purse, stamped leather bracelet, cool earrings, or awesome beard care products, H&J is the place to go.  I have made the permanent switch to the wallet I bought from them, regularly wear their leather bracelets and pins, and proudly carry my shark purse (aka Shark Wahlberg, aka Sharky Shark) every weekend.

3. Canadian Bloggers

I recently started following more of my fellow Canadian bloggers and I have to say, you’re killing it, my Canucks!  My recs of the week are Cashmere & Plaid and my darling AJ.

4. Badass Lady Entrepreneurs

My friend, Kendra, is a total kick-ass, boss b*tch who makes the most amazing fanciful baked goods.  Outside of the fact her treats are so tasty we always have her cookies in our freezer (my fave’s the classic chocolate chip, Hubs’ is currently chocolate caramel), she’s super passionate and determined.  I admire her so much.  All the kudos to her and other badass lady entrereneurs building their empires!!!

5. Stash Needle Art Lounge

I could literally put Stash on every Fandom Friday.  I’m so enamoured.  I’ve taken three classes so far (Learn to Knit, Big Hats, and Sweater 101) and I’m going to put a few more on my Christmas wishlist as soon as the wishlists open.  I might still be struggling with the sleeve of my Easy Bulky One from Sweater 101, but that West Coast Cardigan KAL is definitely in my future!  They also offer crochet and craft classes, plus supplies for knitting, crochet, needlework, spinning, and weaving (you can rent a LOOM).

❤ Stay passionate, friends!

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