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Full Moon Reflections 001

First of all, whoa.

August 26th’s full moon brought some kind of wacky energy into my life.  Full moons are a great time for handling matters of the home and I, friends, was bursting at the seams with domestic energy.  So much domestic energy, in fact, that I willingly set foot in a Home Depot and didn’t melt down inside.

I bought a plant.  Not a succulent, either, but a spray rose plant.  Something that’s finicky and requires more attention than a little water every few weeks to be kept alive.

I also: bought and read a home decor/home improvement magazine, folded and washed and dried and folding all the outstanding laundry in my home (which was a lot, inclusive of linens), tackled a pretty fancy-pants steak dinner, made a dint in my knitting, organized my yarn, and made pumpkin bread.

That’s an unusually high amount of domestic activity for me on a weekend, especially for a weekend when I wasn’t feeling well.

(As an aside to this: I am itching for a refresh.  I’m ready to clear out the old physical stuff that’s not working for me, like clothes, and to shift things around in my house to make it, I don’t know, cozier?  It’s pretty cozy already.  We have a lot of blankets.  I just… feel this need to make things more functional, so I’m just going to go with it.)

Hubs also had what I’m going to call “Big Domestic Energy” this weekend.  Our pantry now looks amazing because of it and our kitchen is suddenly five times more functional than it was previously.

On the flipside, I was down on the creative energy side of things this weekend and my brain was not having a whole lot of writing stuff this weekend, so it was nice to feel like I was accomplishing something, even if it was sorting and folding/surviving Home Depot with only a minor headache.

Go full moon, I guess?

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