Fandom Friday


Greetings from Whoville, dearest readers!

I have been silent on the Friday post front, but today I come to you bringing warmth, happiness, good cheer, and wishes for the brightest of winter holidays, regardless of denomination.

So, without ribbons or tags, packages, boxes, or bags, here are my own personal picks for festive-ising your holiday:


‘Tis the season, friends.  I know and recognize that the rest of this list comes from a place of privilege, because I’m fortunate enough to be in a financial position to celebrate Yule-idays (Yule and Christmas, respectively), but I know that not everyone else is.

I know that it can be a big ask, because of the commercial and societal pressure to spend if you’ve got it (and often even if you don’t), but if you can, please consider giving a little bit to support to an charitable organization you’re passionate about.  My personal faves can be found here, but listen to your heart when it comes to giving.

If you can’t give support in a monetary fashion, spread the word about your favourite charitable organizations and the work they do, so that others who can may be inspired to give. ❤

Hot Chocolate

For me, this is a must.  I make my own hot chocolate powder, as to no longer be at the mercy of lactose laced powdered milk in my beloved Carnation, but whatever kind of hot chocolate you enjoy (powdered, syrup, fancy, white), partaking in the warm-hug-in-a-mug can only cozy-up the chilliest of winter days.

Throw some mini-marshmallows in if that’s how you roll, or top with a dollop of your fave whipped topping and some sprinkles or cinnamon, and enjoy!


My holiday playlist is small compared to that of others, but there’s just something about ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ that puts a smile on my face and gets my toes tapping.

Current Faves: Holiday for Swing! – Seth McFarlane and Not Your Mother’s Christmas Playlist 2017 (via Dr.SaltyBoi’s 8tracks)


Build a blanket fort, turn yourself into a human wrap, and/or cuddle your nearest and dearest under a soft and cozy blanket.  Bonus: You can save a little on your heating bill by turning the temperature down a couple of degrees and bundling up in blankets and fluffy socks.  Holiday savings, friends!

The Classics

While I do celebrate two holidays and I do know and recognize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, I’m still a huge fan of the classy claymation Christmas specials like Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  In my opinion, there’s just something magical about the artistry and the work that goes into stop motion that fills me with cheer every time I watch.

Alternatively, we also watch Die Hard every year (because it’s totally a Christmas movie), and I will probably put on a few more of Netflix’s slew of Christmas films before the season is over.  (I loved The Princess Switch, honestly.)

PS: Did you know there’s a real Mount Crumpit in Squamish, BC?  Because I did not!

I hope that regardless of how you celebrate (or choose not to celebrate) the change of season and the myriad of holidays that fall in this time of year, you are healthy, joyous, warm, fulfilled, and surrounded by the people you love, who love you in return.

❤ Stay passionate, friends!

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