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Fandom Friday #021

Hello, friends!

I have returned with some fandom-y goodness to fill your Friday with squees:


I saw it, I enjoyed it, I would recommend it.  Anything else I can say would feel spoilerific, so please go put your butts in the seats and check it out for yourself.

Sugar Rush

Over the holidays, I became weirdly obsessed with the Netflix baking show Sugar Rush.  Not only because it shares the name with Vanellope Von Schweetz’s game from Wreck It Ralph, but also because I love a themed baking challenge.

It was also pretty great to have an alternative to YouTubing clips from Bake Off, just saying.


I’m always a fan of Sitka, because I have heart eyes for their ethics (conscious production of goods made to last, lower environmental impact, part of each purchase donated to environment conservation), but today I’m swooning while wearing my cozy Buffalo Check Cabin Shirt because they included a kind, typewritten note in with my order and a pair of gorgeous stamped pins to go with the shirts Hubs and I bought.

I love them.  You should love them too.

Own It Babe

**Content Warning: This website includes frank discussions of eating disorders and life in recovery from the same.

Following the OIB Instagram feed was one of the best choices I have ever made.  Rini’s posts are honest and encouraging and they’ve definitely given me a lot to think about in terms of how I view my own value/where I place my value as a person since I started following her.

In addition to her Insta, she’s got a website and, most recently, a podcast, that I personally think are worth checking out.

Bethany C. Meyers

Another total boss that I’m so glad I followed on Instagram this year, both their personal account and their Be.Come Project account, is Bethany C. Meyers.

They’re a rad, authentic human that doesn’t shy away from sharing their own truth, encourages body neutrality (check out their TEDtalk, if you can track it down), and comes across as having one of the most genuine, lovely souls that I’ve encountered in the quagmire of social media.

As always, I’m down to hear about what’s got you in your squee this week.  Leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter or Insta (both handles are @allyxstuart).

❤ Stay passionate, friends!

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